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We’re Talented Pt. 2

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Our latest track is so sick you’ll throw up when you listen to it. And please stop sending us emails saying you want to sign us. We’re already signed. Title: Day in the Life Written by: bigyoungkilla & JU Boy  |  Performed by: bigyoungkilla & JU Boy   Produced by: JU Boy LISTEN NOW!

We’re Talented

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BigYoungKilla and I spent most of the weekend in the recording booth spitting lyrical bullets between eating latkes and sipping on fresh squeezed pineapple juice. This is just one of many bombs that we’re going to be dropping on y’all. So grab your extinguisher because there’s more fire in this track than in all of […]

Ode To Zetsius

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  Title: Ode to Zetsius Written by: Goldenboy Performed live by: Goldenboy Produced by: JU Boy Length: 1:57 LISTEN NOW