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We’re Talented

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BigYoungKilla and I spent most of the weekend in the recording booth spitting lyrical bullets between eating latkes and sipping on fresh squeezed pineapple juice. This is just one of many bombs that we’re going to be dropping on y’all. So grab your extinguisher because there’s more fire in this track than in all of […]

As Seen On TV Pt. 2

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On TV again.

Taste Test

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Performed by Windpipe. Remix by JU Boy.

Legend Continues

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“It took two weeks to cultivate this growth.” -Windpipe JU Boy on the remix. [flv:legend_beard.flv legend_beard_poster.jpg 432 324]

American Hero

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What happens when you take 2,200 Miatas, 2,200 Heath Ledgers, and put them together? You get a legend.