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The Patriot Act

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       Now we know who the real forefathers of the Patriot Act are.

Reader Contribution Pt. 1

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VIDEO MAY CONTAIN FOUL LANGUAGE (VMCFL): I received an email this morning from a Miata Lovers reader requesting I post this music video. It’s hard to deny a man who manages talent for a company that does over $4 billion a year in revenue. My only suggestion to you sir is not to manage these guys if you want to keep your job—the song has a catchy hook though.

[flv:its_so_cold_in_the_d_music_video_432x324.flv its_so_cold_in_the_d_music_video_432x324_poster.jpg 432 324]

Wake-up Call

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Not how I like to start my mornings.

txt msg from joey

Mitchum Man

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Windpipe loves riding topless in the whip.


Windpipe riding with the top down

Business School Pt. 2

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I think I know what he’s talking about when he says, “Bitchassness Disease”.

[flv:episode_2_4_wm_432x324.flv diddy_432x324_poster.jpg 432 324]