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Cheaters Pt. 3 Delayed

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It pains me to say this but the third and final installment of the Cheaters series is delayed. Someone thought it would be funny to set up a season pass for every show on the LOGO channel resulting in the Miata Lover’s DVR maxing out and subsequently deleting older, saved shows. This left no way for our […]

Cheaters Pt. 2

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Windpipe confronts his girlfriend who is cheating on him with his best friend. Part two of three. [flv:cheaters_pt2.flv cheaters_pt2_poster.jpg 431 242]

Cheaters Pt. 1

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Miata Lovers own Windpipe was recently featured in an episode of Cheaters. Check out part one of this three part series. [flv:cheaters_pt1.flv cheaters_pt1_poster.jpg 431 242]